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When I opened up World of Warcraft to play with patch 5.1, I noticed that one of my favorite addons, ArkInventory, was broken. Lime green boxes appeared in my inventory in place of things like Golden Lotus, Crane cards, flasks, and Giant Turtle Tongues.

While we patiently wait for ArkInventory and all of our other addons to be updated, there are workarounds. For ArkInventory, here’s the fix:

  1. If you are currently in World of Warcraft, exit the game
  2. On your local computer, navigate to <Your WoW Installation Folder>\World of Warcraft\interface\addons\ArkInventory
  3. Open up ArkInventory.xml in your favorite text editor.
  4. Find all occurrences of file=” and replace it with file=”Interface\Buttons\UI-PassiveHighlight”
  5. Save ArkInventory.xml
  6. Launch World of Warcraft and enable ArkInventory (even as an out-of-date addon)

That’s it! Your bags will return to the way they were in all their glory.


UPDATE: This has now been officially fixed in version 3.03.21.

As I predicted on Bitter and Salty, the market price value (MPV) for gathered materials continues to plummet. This is directly affecting the value of many of the higher-end, Mists of Pandaria (MoP) items in the game such as Living Steel, Dark Moon Faire cards, and flasks. In some cases, it’s not worth the trouble to craft these items because of the amount of time it takes you to process components at each level.

Living Steel was a hot commodity soon after MoP launched. Prices were extreme with single bars going for multiple thousands of gold. Then, on October 3, 2012, equilibrium was reached, and the MPV began to plummet. A post-equilibrium surplus such as the one Living Steel experienced a couple months ago can be an indicator of an aggressive loss of value. The market price for one Living Steel bar across all servers is now 476 gold. The price is even lower on high population servers (300-350 gold). Many players have probably bailed out of the Living Steel market altogether, frustrated with the fall in prices and reminiscing about easy gold-making.

This is not the time to panic, however. It’s the perfect time for some math! If you’re crafting Living Steel, then you’re an Alchemist specializing in Transmutation. If you’re not then you’re doing it wrong! If you are, then you’re watching the Ghost Iron Bar and Trillium Bar market. If you have access to a Blacksmith, then you’re watching the Ghost Iron Ore market. In reality, all of the markets are falling relative to each other, but the lowest tiered material is falling the quickest. You don’t want to ignore secondary and tertiary materials (the Ghost Iron and Trillium bars, in this case) as values on these will even out over time.

I’ve put together another spreadsheet using market prices published by The Undermine Journal for the Horde on Earthen Ring (US). The formulas within the spreadsheet calculate the cost to craft one Living Steel bar using one of the three components. As you can see in this example, the cheapest method, by far, is to use Ghost Iron Ore. However, we know that most Alchemists are lazy (especially Trolls), and they will buy the Ghost Iron bars directly off the auction house. An Alchemist would never buy the Trillium bars because they can transmute them with no cool down. Wait, what? You’re an Alchy and you buy Trillium bars to make Living Steel? Stop it.

Ghost Iron Ore Ghost Iron Bar Trillium Bar Living Steel
Price 1.57 4.39 48.04 318.75
Qty x GIO 1 2 20 120
Cost (GIO) 1.57 3.14 31.44 188.63
Qty x GIB 1 10 60
Cost (GIB) 4.39 43.90 263.41
Qty x TB 1 6
Cost (TB) 48.04 288.25
ACTION Craft Living Steel!

Simply put: f the cost to make a Living Steel bar is less than the value of the bar itself, go ahead and make it. However, I also take into account the values of the ore and bars in-between so that a sudden spike in Trillium Bar cost/value (for example) would put a stop to what I like to call my “Living Steel Dailies.” Oh, and this does not factor in a transmute-spec’d alchemist’s change to proc bonus Living Steel bars, of course. That’s just pure, unadulterated profit at that point.

I finally got around to moving my Shaman to Pandaria in World of Warcraft. I was a lazy Shaman during Cataclysm, only leaving Orgrimmar on special occasions. He’s my primary Jewelcrafter and backup Alchemist and leveled from 80 to 85 by doing the Jewelcrafting daily quest. While I still perform the daily, the Jewelcrafting recipes and rewards that MoP provides are too enticing to pass up.

Getting my Shaman over to the Jade Forest doesn’t mean he’s still not a lazy Shaman. He’s spec’d as Elemental/Restoration, and I don’t bother gearing him up with two sets of gear. I prefer to focus on picking up spirit-friendly gear, heal regular instance PUGs, and casually quest in my Elemental spec. It’s slow and inefficient, so it’s perfect for me.

If you’re into raiding, you’ll want to make sure you have your best-in-slot chest piece. This can be an interesting choice on how you want to spend your time gearing up when you hit level 90. You can hope that you stumble over Galleon with 39 other people in Valley of the Four Winds. Good luck with that. You can also consider Leatherworking for a number of options. Two epic-level items can be crafted for Resto Shamans, but one requires Blood Spirits and the other does not. While the crafted Robes of the Setting Sun is an upgrade over the Lifekeeper’s Robe, they are very similar and either one will probably be your pre-raid chest piece that you end up going with.

Armor of the Single Cloud 90 Galleon World Boss 16,347
Stormbreaker Chestguard 90 Crafted Leatherworking 16,254
Robes of the Setting Sun 90 Golden Lotus Revered – 2,250 Valor 15,356
Lifekeeper’s Robe 90 Crafted Leatherworking 15,066
Uncasked Chestguard 90 Yan-Zhu the Uncasked Stormstout Brewery (Heroic) 12,454
Crackling Chain of the Golden Lotus 90 Battle Axe of the Thunder King (Quest) Vale of Eternal Blossoms 11,283
Mountain Stream Ringmail 90 Justice Quartermaster 2,250 Justice 11,147
Shivbreaker Vest 90 Lilian’s Soul Scholomance (Heroic) 10,113
Contender’s Scale Chestguard 90 Crafted Leatherworking 9,378
Earthmover Armor 88 The Point of No Return (Quest) Townlong Steppes 9,031
Patchwork Flesh Armor 90 An End to the Suffering (Quest) Scholomance (Heroic) 8,578