My World of Warcraft main character’s name is Molsan, a level 90 Retribution/Protection Paladin from alea iacta est on the Earthen Ring (US) server. I’ve been playing WoW since November of 2004.

The purpose of this blog is to house useful tips and tricks for all players and classes alongside general complaints from a veteran WoW player. Posts will typically fit into one of the following categories:

  • Class Tips and Guides
  • Raid, instance, and group recaps
  • General commentary on the game, patches, and future development
  • Complaints, rants, complaints, general spouting-off, and, lastly, complaints

Blogging History

I started blogging about WoW back in 2007 when I launched RaidOrg. The site interacted with the WoW Armory and assisted guilds in determining which dungeons and bosses to focus on based on the raid members’ gear and upgrade wants/needs. The demands to keep the site progressing outweighed my personal availability to keep the site alive. I shut down the site last year and switched my focus to my personal blog.

With that Said became my personal blog and was a mixture of technology, programming, World of Warcraft, and parenting issues. It’s more of a stream of consciousness than focused commentary on my real life. In June of 2009, I decided to break off from my main blog and start my second WoW-only blog named after my main WoW character, Molsan. Now I can post all I want about WoW in whatever format I feel like without disrupting my real-life blog readers.

Claims to Fame

With Ghostcrawler at Blizzcon 2011. Sorry about the poor quality of the image. It was taken by Salty Sláinte with an iPhone.

Bitter and Salty World of Warcraft Podcast – Episodes 1 – ???

Realm MaintenanceEpisode 22

S4UC3D – Episodes 1-30

WowcoholEpisode 12 and Episode 21

Twisted Nether BlogcastEpisode 131

BlizzCon attendee: 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Contact Me

You can follow Molsan on Twitter, email me at molsan dot method at gmail dot com, or look for me commenting and contributing to various WoW information sources across the Internet.

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