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As promised during episode 10 of Bitter and Salty, I went through the list of pre-raid, Holy Paladin shoulders. I’ll admit that it wasn’t an enjoyable experience. However, I did learn two things: Paladins have a healing spec and the Masterwork Lightsteel Shoulders are not actually in the game. It’s interesting that this item was completely left out, but what’s more interesting is that nobody is working on correcting the issue. There’s probably a very good reason for that, and has nothing to do with the fact that nobody cares about Holy Paladins.

While every class and spec sits and waits for these shoulders to be made available, take a look-see at all of the other plate-with-spirit gear that is in the game. If you’re saving up your valor points while getting your Golden Lotus dailies done, you’ll be rewarded with the Paleblade Shoulderguards. If you’re a Paladin and you enjoy running heroic Scholomance, then you could find yourself with the Shoulderguards of Painful Lessons. If it were me, I would just disenchant those, though. While you’re out questing in Dread Wastes in your healing spec, look out for the Lucidity Spaulders, a reward from the quest, “The Mariner’s Revenge.”

Oh and for the record, the Lightsteel Shoulders would fall below these three items in terms of best-in-slot, slightly above the already-in-game-and-craftable Contender’s Spirit Shoulders. Let’s all just agree to move on, shall we?

Paleblade Shoulderguards 90 Golden Lotus Revered 1,750 Valor 7,209
Shoulderguards of Painful Lessons 90 Scholomance (Heroic) Darkmaster Gandling 6,441
Lucidity Spaulders 89 The Mariner’s Revenge Dread Wastes 5,246
Contender’s Spirit Shoulders 90 Crafted Blacksmithing 5,153
Goldtalon Spaulders 88 Mists’ Opportunity 4,104
Narsong Spaulders 86 For Family 3,462
Wasteland Burnished Spaulders 88 Len at Arms (Adventuring Supplies) Vale of Eternal Blossoms (66 Gold) 3,425
Serenity Spaulders 87 A Funeral Kun-Lai Summit 3,329
Paoquan Burnished Pauldrons 86 Evacuation Orders 3,256
Lightsteel Shoulders 85 Crafted Blacksmithing 3,016

It’s never too soon or too late to gear up for end-game in the World of Warcraft. In my first in a series of many posts, I will provide a list of upgrades by class, spec, and slot. I will also include some commentary to better explain how to itemize your gear as you level up through the Mists of Pandaria.
First up are helms for the Retribution Paladin. If you were a raider in Cataclysm, the Helmet of Radiant Glory will carry you all the way to level 90. The Visage of Petrification is another holdover from level 85 that you can use until you venture into MoP heroics. The BoE Davidian’s All-Seeing Eyes is available at level 82 and is a must pick up if you can afford it. The item was named after a WoW player that played the game completely blind. You can read the inspirational story on WoW Insider. Endwyn’s Toothy Visage is another BoE that you can keep an eye out for on the AH.
Yi’s Least Favorite Helmet 90 Shado-Pan Revered 11,407
Sightfinder Helm 90 Siege of Niuzao Temple (Heroic) Commander Vo’jak 9,984
Meteoric Greathelm 90 Mogu’shan Palace (Heroic) Kuai the Brute 9,690
Meteoric Greathelm 88 Mogu’shan Palace Kuai the Brute 8,668
Contender’s Revenant Helm 90 Blacksmithing 8,313
Helm of Rising Flame 90 Scarlet Monastery (Heroic) Brother Korloff 8,300
Masterwork Spiritguard Helm 90 Blacksmithing 7,405
Palewind Helm 88 The Sha of Hatred (Quest) 7,386
Davidian’s All-Seeing Eyes 82 World Drop BoE 7,352
Coldbite Helm 89 Reunited (Quest) 7,209
Endwyn’s Toothy Visage 83 World Drop BoE 7,158
Sunset Armored Helm 89 Kor’thik Aggression (Quest) 7,091