Don’t Bother Fishing in Pools in Mists of Pandaria

So there you are, in your van, down by the river. You step outside to get a whiff of that warm, Jade Forest air. You turn around, grab your rod, and exhale. It’s time to start fishing!

So where should you go? You’ve learned the “Find Fish” ability, so you can see pools of Jade Lungfish nearby. Those big tigers though… you’d have to beat on them with your pole and you’re not that hard up. Ah, there it is! It’s your spot… that giant rock right in the middle of the lake. You can setup camp there and have plenty of space to stretch out. Wait. No pools there! What to do, what to do.

This is the mindset of the typical fisherman fisher person in the Mists of Pandaria. However, fishing is about relaxation. Becoming one with all your chi and what not. And getting that screen all blurry from too much Hozen Cuervo.

If you are interested in maximizing your time for making gold or getting items for your daily quests done, don’t bother seeking out fishing pools. You’ll waste more time traveling around, and there’s literally no benefit. You can get the same items from fishing in any spot that you normally would from a pool.

However, some will argue that pools are better to fish in. Here’s why one would seek out fishing pools:

  • Fishing pools can be fished in by any character that has at least one skill point in fishing (if you’re not at-level for the zone, you won’t be able to fish in open areas)
  • Pools typically yield one type of catch, so if you are seeking out one particular kind of fish, then you’ll want to find an appropriate pool
  • You still don’t have your Sea Turtle mount

That’s it though. There is no achievement for Mists of Pandaria that requires you to catch every fish native to the expansion zones from a pool. So get on out there and don’t sweat riding around for pools. Find your happy, in-game place and get your fish on!

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