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When I came back to the World of Warcraft, I was quickly reminded of two things. For one, I can’t stand the stock user interface. On the other hand, the ability to customize the UI with community-built and managed addons is one of my all-time favorite features of WoW. Not being able to customize and simplify the user experience is one of the primary reasons other MMOs have not held my interest.

While Star Wars: The Old Republic did provide you with the ability to move, add, and subtract modules within your UI, the community could not contribute tools and functions. I lived with the stock UI there for many months, holding out for an addon community that had the potential to grow and be on par with WoW. That never materialized, and my career as a dark lord of the Sith came to a bitter end.

Now that I’m back and ready to rumble in the jungle with pandas, I have to find, download, configure, and use many addons that were an essential part of my Warcraft gaming experience. I will be highlighting those in a series of posts as I travel through the Mists of Pandaria.

What is MobInfo2?

MobInfo2 (MI) is an addon for statistics and data tracking junkies. As described by WoWInterface:

MobInfo-2 is a World of Warcraft AddOn that provides you with useful additional information about Mobs (ie. opponents/monsters). It adds new information to the game’s Tooltip whenever you hover with your mouse over a mob. It also adds a numeric display of the Mobs health and mana (current and max) to the Mob target frame.

Configuring the AddOn

By default, the MI tooltip will appear next to your mouse cursor when you hover over the mob. I find this distracting and use a static location for the tooltip. You can position the tooltip by dragging the tiny box with “MI” to the location you want the tooltip to appear. Then update the tooltip position under “Mobinfo Tooltip Layout.”

You’ll also want to combine data across like mobs at different levels. Most of the time, you will be grinding and questing on mobs that are 1-2 levels apart, but have the same loot table. Basically, I enable the tracking and display of everything.

Using the AddOn

When the tooltip appears, you will see a breakdown of the mob’s monetary value along with their chance to drop loot. Statistics on drops are broken down into tiers, and include cloth as well. So as you approach a mob, you can get an idea of your chances to get a particular type of item (or a specific item) to drop. The other great feature is that the data is also displayed in reverse. If you hover over an item in your inventory, information is added to the default item tooltip that displays where the item most likely came from.

Grinding on mobs for specific types of loot can sometimes be a gamble. If you’re looking to score some coin IRL, check out Party Poker at http://de.partypoker.com. Use MobInfo2 in-game to assist you in obtaining the items you need.


You can download the addon from Curse or WoWInterface:

Curse: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/mobinfo2

WoWInterface: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info21571-Mobinfo2.html