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When I opened up World of Warcraft to play with patch 5.1, I noticed that one of my favorite addons, ArkInventory, was broken. Lime green boxes appeared in my inventory in place of things like Golden Lotus, Crane cards, flasks, and Giant Turtle Tongues.

While we patiently wait for ArkInventory and all of our other addons to be updated, there are workarounds. For ArkInventory, here’s the fix:

  1. If you are currently in World of Warcraft, exit the game
  2. On your local computer, navigate to <Your WoW Installation Folder>\World of Warcraft\interface\addons\ArkInventory
  3. Open up ArkInventory.xml in your favorite text editor.
  4. Find all occurrences of file=” and replace it with file=”Interface\Buttons\UI-PassiveHighlight”
  5. Save ArkInventory.xml
  6. Launch World of Warcraft and enable ArkInventory (even as an out-of-date addon)

That’s it! Your bags will return to the way they were in all their glory.

Source: http://code.google.com/p/arkinventory/issues/detail?id=577

UPDATE: This has now been officially fixed in version 3.03.21.

Everyone needs a fishing buddy. Maybe it’s your favorite pet. It could be your favorite fishing pole. Cheap Beer is a decent fishing buddy. Maybe you have an online friend that also likes to fish. For me, it’s the addon with the actual name, “FishingBuddy.”

What is Fishing Buddy?

FishingBuddy (FB) is an addon for World of Warcraft that is very similar to the other statistical tracking addon I wrote about, MobInfo2. FB tracks your fishing casts and items acquired by location, and stores this data locally on your machine. Also like MobInfo2, you can view your data in reverse, displaying all the locations you’ve caught that particular fish, along with the chance to catch it.

While fishing, the addon displays your current skill level in Fishing, along with any buffs received from gear or consumables. If you’re like me and can only fish while wearing a particular outfit, you can use FB to swap between your current and fishing gear.

Configuring the AddOn

There’s not much you’ll want to modify in the configuration. FB is simple enough to start using as-is. I do turn on the option to display failed casts though. Much like MobInfo2, I like to see as much information as the addon can accurately display. You can also adjust the audio options to increase the “splash” volume while fishing which is useful if you aren’t always staring at your screen while fishing.

Using the AddOn

When you equip your preferred fishing pole, FB automatically displays a small window with all of your local fishing statistics for the particular location you are about to fish in. With every cast and catch, you’ll see the addon update the window with statistics for your current session, as well as a summary of all your sessions.

As someone who fishes for fun and for generating gold, I then take this information and determine how valuable the location is. For example, in The Jade Forest in Mists of Pandaria, I’ve determined that a successful catch is worth 17.5 gold. Yes, that’s per catch and not per session or per stack.

FB has tracked about 150 of my casts in the river near the starting area, and has calculated a 42% chance to catch Golden Carp, a 40% chance to catch Jade Lungfish, and a 13% chance to catch Redbelly Mandarin. The remaining 5% is given to Sealed Crates or quest items.

Based on the average value of fish on Earthen Ring, and the chance to Here’s the breakdown:

  • Golden Carp: 10g mean / 5g market
  • Jade Lungfish: 5g mean / 10g market
  • Redbelly Mandarin: 1.5g mean and market
  • All other (random items found in Sealed Crates): 1g

Download the AddOn

You can download the addon from Curse or WoWInterface:

Curse: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/fishingbuddy

WoWInterface: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info4239-FishingBuddy.html

FishingBuddy sample image courtesy of Curse.com.