World of Warcraft AddOns I Can’t Play Without: LilSparky’s Workshop

A crafter should always know the value of his tools and materials. This is true for crafters making goods to skill up and for those creating items to sell on the auction house. Material value can be easily seen in the game by using the World of Warcraft addon LilSparky’s Workshop (LSW).

What is LilSparky’s Workshop?

Simply put: this addon calculates the cost to create an item and lists the item’s market price next to it. This is powerful information when determining what items to craft when attempting to make gold on the auction house. This addon supports auction house scanners AuctioneerAuctionLiteAuctionMaster, and Auctionator.

Configuring the AddOn

Assuming you have one of the four support scanners, LSW will start working right away with no configuration. It will modify any of the following trade skill interfaces:

If you right-click on the value or cost column, you can select auction, vendor, or disenchant pricing model. By default, the greatest value returned from the three models will be used for that item.

Using the AddOn

You should see both the value and cost columns in your trade skill interface. Your potential profit is the value of the crafted item, minus the cost. LSW formats the value text in bold for items with a profit greater than zero. I use AdvancedTradeSkillWindow (ATSW), and sort my craftables by “difficulty.” I can then eyeball items with a higher profit and make those while leveling a profession.

I haven’t found a way to use LSW and ATSW together to return items sorted by greatest potential profit first. Skillet, on the other hand, will allow you to sort by LSW values, including “LSW: Profit.” The ability to sort by profit is extremely helpful if you are mass producing items.

Download the AddOn

You can download LilSparky’s Workshop from WowAce. The current version as of this post is r138 (September 29, 2012). This addon is not current on Curse or Wowinterface.

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